Physiotherapy and Cardiac Rehabilitation

Waterfront Clinic offers a comprehensive Cardiac Rehabilitation program designed to help improve and recover the health of heart patients who have suffered heart attack, heart failure or have had surgery to treat heart disease. The program covers a range of things: exercise, what you eat, how to lower stress, and more. It addresses all the lifestyle issues that may lead to heart disease and how you can manage each of them.

The ultimate goal of our Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre is to initiate a plan to help patients to regain strength, prevent their condition from worsening, reduce risk of future heart problems and improve their health & quality of life

Who Should Enrol?

With any type of heart condition, we encourage patients to talk it over with the physician and see whether rehab makes sense for them.

The program is an option for people with many forms of heart disease.

Patients who have experienced a cardiac event (Heart Attack or Heart Failure)
Patients who have had a heart procedure or cardiac surgery.
Patients with a history of either of the following;
Peripheral artery disease
Chest pain (angina)
Coronary artery disease
Certain congenital heart diseases
Coronary artery bypass surgery
Angioplasty and stents
Heart or lung transplant
Heart valve repair or replacement
Pulmonary hypertension
Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation

To get the most benefits from our Cardiac Rehabilitation Centre, we encourage patients to continue the habits and follow the skills they’ve learned in the program.

The overall short and the long-term benefits of sticking to the program include:

Lower risk of a future cardiac event.
Better healthy habits such as eating better, exercising, quitting smoking and reduced stress.
Improving weight management through exercises and eating habits.
Regaining energy and strength to engage in daily activities you might have missed.
Strengthening your heart and body after a heart attack.
Relieving symptoms of heart problems, such as chest pain.
Preventing future illness and death from heart disease.
We walk with you through the recovery journey by understanding your condition and prescribing the best treatment option.

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